The enterprise manufacturing haberdashery, knitted and sewn garments

Ropes, elastics, braided and knitted haberdashery products, shoelaces, other braided products of 
various types manufactured from natural and synthetic materials
50 year experience
78 employees in the company
100% quality of products
AB Zarasaitis invests into the new technologies and training of its employees

Due to constantly growing competition in the market, it is important to assess properly needs of consumers and to meet them timely.

About Us

AB Zarasaitis – the company having old traditions in manufacturing of textile haberdashery. It is established in Zarasai, the north-east part of Lithuania. AB Zarasaitis manufactures and sells braided and knitted products of textile haberdashery, shoelaces and products of technical textile used for industry and trade companies. To ensure high quality of production and to satisfy growing needs and requirements of clients, the company introduces the newest technologies and carries out training of its employees.