It could seem that shoelaces are just an unimportant particular. However, general comfort of the footwear depends considerably on this detail. Therefore, we are those who care of shoelaces for all occasions of the life.

We produce polyester, cotton shoelaces of various colours that could be waxed, fire resistant and water resistant, light reflecting, elastic and those with stoppers.

We can bravely say that our products will serve for a long time and satisfy the most demanding requirements: we can offer 50 standard colours just of polyester shoelaces and even 100 different colours of cotton shoelaces. Moreover, we can develop any desired colour.

Depending on requirements of the client, we pack our production in blisters, boxes, bags, spools or loose. We can apply for the package a logotype of the client company.

We manufacture our production is 2-3 weeks after coordination of the design and receipt of the order.